About Aaron


I am a full time Location Scout & Manager specializing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro and surrounding areas. I secure your desired shooting locations and facilitate with all City/Gov't permits, off duty police, on-site security, portable restrooms, tents, barricades, set signage, parking, neghborhood letters, and location contract aquisition.


My extensive time in episodic television has allowed me to create a dynamic locations database and foster valuable working relationships with various city departments, business, and home owners. This, paried with the many commercials I've managed over the years, allows a project to get firm footing well before a producer would need to put boots on the ground.


I have worked with many major Networks such as ABC, NBC, TNT, FOX, DISNEY, HULU and managed extremely large commercial campaigns for clients such as Union Pacific, Mazda, Ford, Toyota AT&T, Ect. 


I excel at my job because of my ability to balance efficiency and ethic with a positive attitude through every stage of production. This has built an excellent rapport with all my repeat clients, producers, directors, and crew. I firmly believe that taking care of business, with a smile, is the only way to get things done.